DROM is one big happy family full of players, teams, partners and retailers who share an undeniable passion for Paintball. We recognise paintball as a true sport that requires dedication, sacrifice, determinate and pure skilll…it’s a constant battle to be the best!

dedication • sacrifice • discipline • focus • determination

We acknowledge that these qualities are found in all types of teams and players, whether amateur or professional, young or old, big or small our mission is to bring innovative, efficient and stylish equipment to paintball players allowing them to improve their game and to enhance their performance.

We want to work hand-in-hand with teams that share this passion and these values, and show them that they too can strengthen their game.


The partnership program is a personalised collaboration between DROM and select Paintball teams. Each partnership is tailored to the needs of the chosen team and can encompass a number of both financial and promotional benefits.

The most obvious and immediate benefit for the team is substantial reductions across a range of DROM’s equipment and clothing. DROM designs and distributes high quality performance-enhancing products specifically engineered to increase speed, efficiency and comfort. Our gear is worn by professionals across the globe, including the highly successful French team the TonTons.


Like any relationship, with the DROM partnership programme you get out what you put in. We are committed to developing long term relationships with serious and motivated teams.

Right from the word go we will provide you with a professional media kit allowing you to represent your team in a stylish and formal manner. This will aid in increasing your online exposure, support and may result in some new recruits.


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  • Look Professional
  • Be featured on social media (Facebook / Instagram)
  • Receive a partnership announcement visual
  • Professional cover photo
  • Custom jersey visual
  • Free team custom banner* (Depending on the team deal)
  • Custom jersey 3D Visual
  • Professional photographer on major events
  • Professional cameraman on major events
  • Have the opportunity to have your team gear sold on the DROMShop
  • Goodie and freebies – Depending on your team deals conditions you may receive accessories such as Tatoos, stickers, custom bags, beanies, socks, caps, banners, etc


drom paintball carroussel-09

We will also keep you updated with new products and, when possible, you will also have the possibility to try out new DROM Paintball products before the official release.


Keep in mind that DROM will provide you with great visibility (As long as you are able to provide us with quality content).

  • You may have a chance to be recorded in one of our videos (100K views on one of them)
  • You may also be featured on our Facebook page (10K+ Likes, and keeps growing)
  • Same thing for our Instagram feed (2K+ follower and also growing)

These elements should assist you to develop partnerships with other brands, DROM will help you to look professional, to have a clean and sporty image, to gain visibility across the Paintball community and potentially make your team more successful. #YourDecision


To qualify for the rewards your team needs to have 5+ DROM items including DROM FreeMotion Pants and DROM Agility jerseys.

Once you qualify, you will receive a table showing you the amount of credit you can win depending on which division you play. This credit should be spent on the DROM Catalog. Best case scenario is if your team keep climbing throughout the divisions and get to the professional level then you may receive a sponsorship including free kits.

So what are you waiting for ? 

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