Which jersey should you wear ?

Here is a guide to help choose which one of these DROM jerseys will fit you better.

Within Paintball, we have managed so separate players needs into two main categories, these two categories translate to two products range : Athlete and Endurance.

The DROM #AGILITY Custom Paintball Jersey




  • Athlete – This products range can be defined in 3 simple words : Agility, speed and lightweight. 
    The products belonging to this range were developed with the athlete in mind, looking to improve his efficiency on the field.


The Agility Jersey is extremely light (Approx 200 grams, depending on the size), body fitted, has different mesh areas to help your body breath better during the game. It also features a Super strong Nylon fabric on the elbows which will first bring a great durability to this jersey, second, bring you more speed and control on the ground when sliding / crawling.

I think you got it, if you happen to be a player looking for performance, this is a jersey for you, worn by the best players in the world of competitive Paintball.



The DROM #ARMOR Custom Paintball Jersey



  • Endurance – This products range can be defined in 3 simple words : Comfort, classic cut and durability.
    These products like adversity. Whether it is countless repetitions of slides at practice, countless times getting shot, mud, rain, sun, dirt, turf. The DROM Endurance products fit to the grinders.

The Armor Jersey, which is part of the Endurance range has a brilliant classic cut, not as baggy as we used to see back then but still, definitely looser than the Agility. It features padded areas (Elbows and shoulders), a strong fabric on the elbows for durability, a thicker overall garment which brings better comfort. This jersey feels very safe and fits everyone. It has thumbs holes and you can also ask for built in gloves (optional).




Now you know everything, what’s #YourDecision ?

If you want to learn more about the DROMCustom process, simply go here.

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by Kevin Coulm


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