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29 thoughts on “DROM Custom Paintball Jerseys

  1. Cody de Leijer says:

    Comment from Vancouver Viperz Captain. (DROM Sponsored Team) when we got our jerseys last year

    At first glace, I was shocked by the detail and precision of our jerseys. They look outstanding. They turned out better than I was expecting! After picking up the jerseys, I immediately noticed what I call the “DROM Difference”. Most jerseys on the market are considerably heavy, with minimal padding. DROM jerseys weigh next to nothing, the quality is impeccable and are well put together.

    The few team members who picked up their order tonight are incredibly pleased with both quality and service. The rest of the team will be picking up their orders this weekend in time for one of our final tournaments of the season. The shirts are well designed as well, having used them for a workout already, they performed well. From a product standpoint I am considerably impressed.

  2. ROTH Frédéric says:

    Bonjour Drom,
    J’aurai quelques questions concernant la personalisation de jersey :
    – toute votre gamme est-elle customisable ?
    – quel jersey conseilleriez-vous aujourd’hui pour le millé ou tout autre tournoi ?
    – combien de jerseys au minimum faudrait-il commander pour une personnalisation ?
    – comment cela ce passe-t-il si nous avons déjà une maquette ou si nous voulions reprendre l’ancien design ?
    – quel tarif pour 1 jersey customisé (il en faudrait au moins 6, peut-être 7) et le délai d’attente ?
    C’est pour le moment les seules questions qui me viennent à l’esprit. 🙂
    En vous remerciant d’avance pour vos réponses. Bon dimanche.
    Cdt, Frédéric.

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