DROM 1.5 Shoes

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Competitive paintball is a very unique sport. Athletes in our game are required to make explosive movements, where flexibility and grip are key. The DROM 1.5’s were specifically designed with these traits in mind. Our detachable spikes also allow you the ability to perform on any playing surface around the world.

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Purpose-built for Paintball, the DROM 1.5 shoes were designed to adapt to every kind of playing surface. Competitive Paintball is a very unique sport, the athlete must be able to make explosive and fast runs, with a great grip.


The two-layers double stitched front protection delivers excellent barrier to adversity.
the DROM 1.5 shoes stands out as the most durable Paintball shoe on the market.


The thick-style outsole provide players with the next level of balance and comfort.
No matter on which ground you will be playing, you will just be flying.


10 adaptable spikes per shoes, three different types of spikes. They only come with B-SPIKES as standard.
Move like you have never moved.


Lightweight, perforated sockliner mirrors the shape of your foot for comfort and low-profile cushioning


1 pair of shoes

1 shoe box

1 wrench

1 Set of spikes


Weight 1.00 kg


Teaser DROM1.5


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