“Back in 2012, I had been playing Professional Paintball for over 5 years and the constant element in my career was my disappointment towards the equipment I was wearing.
In early 2013 I partnered up with a friend of mine and DROM was born, the goal was to fix this problem.”

DROM began with the launch of a pair of professional sports shoes dedicated for tournament Paintball : The DROM 1.0
It was an immediate success!
A few months later the DROM 1.0 became the leading Paintball shoe on the market, allowing the company to hire designers with the aim to expand the product range.
DROM’s mission was then swiftly defined ; bring innovative, efficient and stylish equipment to paintball players across the globe.
2015 was a very successful year for the DROM team. With over 70% of business not being conducted on home soil (France), roughly 120 partnerships established with existing teams and around 50 retailers currently stocking our products, we can say that DROM has officially become an international brand.
We are young, passionate, ambitious and looking forward to tackling each challenges as it comes.



ALAOUI Souhail
Product Development

ROMANO Adriana





Kevin is entrepreneurial and passionate about sport and food. His time is mostly split between DROM and playing professional Paintball

Easy going and highly talented, Nicolas rarely says no to a Pizza with friends, a squash session or a game of throne episode

Souhail’s passion is to solve problems through design and technology. From insights to product development, he thinks critically, dreams big, and launch useful products

Axel is a sweet mix of hyperactivity and sport governed by goals. You won’t resist his smile!

Adriana is a true jet-setter, lover of food and always up for a laugh. You’ll find her holding the fort for DROM in the UK.